Slate began with the vision of Eli Menendez, a Guatemalan native who relocated to Oklahoma to pursue a degree in Petroleum Engineering from OU. After a successful career in the oil industry, and staying true to his serial entrepreneur spirit, Eli decided to once again wipe the Slate clean, forge a new path with the purpose of creating a family legacy for his young son. And so Slate was born. Eli is a man of many beginnings and his most ambitious and bold project to date is Slate. His personal journey has been one of wiping the slate clean, start over and reinvent himself. His company mission hold the core values of courage and self-belief, and he strives to infuse each event and experience with integrity. He has recruited a dedicated team of professionals committed to delivering personalized service and offering a blend of comfort and style.

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The Team

Dagmar Melara (Sales Manager)

Born and raised in the Netherlands and with experience in the hospitality industry, Dagmar brings us the European mentality of business and socializing. Her European input gives Slate new views, which also makes Slate stand out in the Event industry. Dagmar is new to the country, and in January 2023, she teamed up with Eli early on when Slate had just opened up, allowing her to grow with Slate at the same pace: fresh in town, getting to know the people of Oklahoma City and their desires in the industry. Looking to the future, Dagmar sees Slate expanding into the top event venue you consider immediately when having your next event with an elevating experience.

Pedro De Paz (General Manager)

Born and raised in Guatemala City, Pedro moved to Oklahoma City in 1999. Pedro has been in the entertainment industry since 2002 as an owner, dedicating over two decades to perfecting his craft. As an enthusiastic and dedicated individual, his primary goal has always been to ensure that every customer enjoys an unforgettable experience.

Throughout his career, Pedro has honed his skills in motivating and leading teams to deliver exceptional service which makes him the perfect GM for Slate. His passion for hospitality drives him to inspire his colleagues to consistently perform at their best, aiming to exceed customer expectations at every turn.